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About Ring & Roll Sports

Ring & Roll Sports was established in 1998 by Michael Müthel. Its beginning root was in providing a mobile stringing service to tennis clubs in Stuttgart area. This mobile stringing service still remains an important part of our service offering. In 1999, Ring & Roll Sports began providing service and support to professional tour level as official tournament stringers and catering to competitive tennis players of all levels. Ring & Roll Sports is now regularly engaged at ATP-, WTA-, and ITF Tournaments as well as at numerous national events and other local tournaments as the official tournament stringers.  In 2002, Ring & Roll Sports began focusing on racket customization and in 2007 became Wilson Sports’ official partner providing racket customization expertise. Beginning in 2008, Gunther Strähle, head stringer of the German National Team began working together with Michael Müthel at Ring & Roll Sports. Gunther Strähle’s reputation as a key contributor to Germany’s success at the Davis Cup is well documented. In 1993, when the German Tennis National Team won the Davis Cup for the third and last time, he strung the rackets of Michael Stich, Marc-Kevin Göllner und Patrick Kühnen. Today, Gunther is not only responsible as the official racket stringer of the German Fed Cup and Davis Cup Team but also strings regularly on the ATP and WTP tour worldwide.

Ring & Roll Today
Let Ring & Roll Sports be your expert tennis partner and provide you the benefits of its experience as professional racket stringers and racket tuners. Ring & Roll Sports is not only engaged to work with some of the best known and top players in the game. Currently we look after over 1,000 players of which, approximately 300 play at a professional level. As well, we manage the racket preparation and stringing needs and requirements a diverse range of Geman and international Davis Cup players. Additionally, we work with many the best known racket manufacturing companies in the tennis industry. Today we are the official racket tuners for Wilson Sports, Prince and Head. Quality, dependability, timeliness and player success are our number one service priorities.
Ring & Roll Sports tennis racket customizing


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